Purchasing Overview

If you are a foreigner purchasing a property at The Green Golf Residences, then you'll be pleased to discover that Thai law permits up to 49% of the total number of condominium units to be owned by non-Thais. For more information please contact a local lawyer for further details.

To reserve your property simply present your original passport together with one photocopy with the down payment at the amount specified by the developer. Please note that surnames translated into Thai must match that which is written on the property documents. For more information please contact our sales representative.

To make a payment for the purchase of a Green Golf Residence, there are two convenient methods:

  1. Open a savings account with any bank in Thailand. The account name must be identical to the buyer’s name. Check with the bank first what documentation is required to open the account. Then simply transfer the money to The Green Golf Residences bank account details are SAVING ACCOUNT No. 102-2-98099-4 SWIFT CODE KASI THBK. or prepare a bank draft payable to TAMARIN BAY CO.,LTD. Once this has been arranged please let us know so that we can arrange all documents necessary for the transfer.
  2. If the condominium unit is bought under the company name which has been registered under the Thai ownership, the customer can simply transfer money directly through the company’s bank account to SAVING ACCOUNT No. 102-2-98099-4 SWIFT CODE KASI THBK

Please note:

  • When transferring money you must specify that this money is a payment for a condominium unit, including the full purchase amount.
  • The minimum amount of money transferred is 20,000 dollar* (* the minimum amount is subject to change, the customer can check the most recent money transfer at the Bank of Thailand). The bank will then issue a Foreign Currency Transaction Form for you.
  • Please keep all Foreign Currency Transaction Forms to use in the process of ownership transfer. The total amount of money transferred must govern the net price of the condominium unit bought.

Documents Required for Transfer of Ownership

  1. Passport stating the customer’s nationality and a Domicile Document (Tor Mor.11Mor Form, Tor Mor.15 Form, or Tor Mor.17 Form) issued by the Immigration Office, National Police Bureau, or an Alien Identification Document.
  2. Evidence showing the importation of foreign currency into the Kingdom or evidence showing the deposit of money into the foreign currency bank account (Tor.Tor.3 Form). The total amount of money as shown in all evidences must govern the net price of the condominium unit bought. Tor.Tor.3 Form is available at any Thai commercial banks, with the signature and the bank seal on such form.

The details as stated above are the preliminary steps. Please ask for more information and full details from our sale representative.

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